Somewhere in Northern Italy

A Roman consular army rushes to defend Northern Italy from a Gallic incursion. This was the first time I had commanded the Romans and as the defender I decided to place as much difficult terrain as possible to limit the cavalry advantage of my Gallic opponent. All the terrain ended up on one side of the battlefield which my opponent then chose as his side of the board!

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 1

In my opinion the battle was lost during my deployment. I forgot I was not playing FoG and tried to maximise my defensive options with healthy reverses which never had enough PIP dice throughout the game to make their presence felt until late in the battle. In my first move I advanced my velites to the centre of the field away from the Gallic massed cavalry and began to deploy my horse to my right flank.

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 2

By the end of my second move the cavalry and velites have redeployed and some reverses have advanced. The Gauls enthusiastically rushed from the village and woods to meet me!

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 3

The battle lines take shape and the Gallic general rides behind his lines to outflank my left.

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 4

I advance rapidly on my right to counter the Gallic cavalry.

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 5

The Gallic warbands advance in the centre and their general extends their flank. The velites are left feeling very exposed…

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 6

My pip dice fail me or rather my inexperienced general loses his nerve and I strengthen my centre with my reserves. I resolve at this point to try and engage the enemy centre as quickly as possible before he can attack my legions in the flank. I should have done this sooner especially as the Gallic warbands are strung out in a thin line.

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 7

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 8

The Gauls charge on the centre and one of my velite units is flanked and routed. My other velites push back the Gallic warriors with a hail of missles!

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 9

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 10

A couple of bad PIP dice on both sides see the Romans advance a unit of triarii to cover the left flank. The Gauls reform their line and my velites flee to safety!

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 11

With a great shout the Romans break upon the Gallic warbands with the support of the rallied velites. My triarii engage the enemy general and my reserves move up.

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 12

The Gauls are pushed back in the centre but destroy a unit of legionnaires on my left flank. 2–0 to the Gauls!

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 13

The Gauls take full advantage of my disjointed battle line and fall upon my flank with glee.

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 14

The hard pressed hastati on my left fight off the Gauls to their front and rear, but another unit of legionnaires is destroyed on the right – perhaps charging into the Gallic warriors was not such a great idea. The Gauls move to exploit my vulnerable far left. Everything is at a stalemate on the right of the battlefield.

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 15

I advance what reserves I can into the fray and to cover my left flank.

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 16

The Romans finally realise their danger and fight like men possessed. Three units of warriors are destroyed in one turn and suddenly the score is 3-3 each, but the Gauls have the next turn.

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 17

And they make their move count surrounding the principes in the centre who must fight against the Gallic reserve cavalry on a factor of 1!

3 DBA Romans vs Gauls 18

I look to the gods for mercy and am elated when I see that I have rolled a six – until I realise my opponent has done the same. The consular army routs and the Gauls continue to pillage the countryside. Gauls 4 Romans 3. A deserved victory to my opponent who took advantage of my poor deployment and decisions. A great game – congratulations Antony.

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